I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again.  So let me answer some of them here.

Q: What antivirus software should I use?

A: Microsoft now offers Windows Defender. This is a free antivirus software and is comparable to other free/paid software.

Q:  What spyware removal tool should I use?

A: It often takes a combination of tools to remove an infection but regular scanning with one tool, combined with good antivirus and firewall software will typically keep your computer clean. I recommend Malware Bytes. If you need additional tools you can also try Spybot Search and Destroy.  These are free or have a free version. It is vitally important that you only download software from the official website. Otherwise you are likely downloading a virus.

Q:  Where can I get cheap web hosting?

A:  There are a lot of places to get cheap web hosting but often the packages are stripped down and the customer service is minimal.  If your needs are few and your site is simple, any of these type of hosting sites should work fine.

Q:  Where can I get good web hosting?

A: NameCheap and Godaddy offer reliable web hosting at reasonable prices. They are both pretty straightforward and easy to use. I use NameCheap for my domain name registration and web hosting and I’m very happy with them.